This is what our students say about us …
Sylvia Meneses Echeverría
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Sports Journalist

Taking part of the first edition of the LWF Mentoring Program was an honor and a great decision for me, because I received valuable first-hand information, but above all I was able to share and meet other people who do an incredible job with the objective of achieving equity and the development of women in the sports industry. It opened my eyes to what the real situation of women’s sport is and all that remains to be worked on and achieved.

In addition, participation in the program never ends, because you become part of a community full of talent and experience, with whom you can network and even have real strategic alliances. Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of this great family.

Jose Luis Campos
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Sports Management
Spain / USA

The LWF Mentoring Program helps you to develop as an executive with articles and discussions on leadership in the world of sport. LWF also promotes conversation and development on such socially necessary issues as gender equality.

You can’t be a good leader without treating everyone equally and understanding the current differences and inequalities in our society, and LWF helps to have those conversations and study about it. Highly recommended

Britanny Gropp
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
Founder & CEO FutboLISTAS

The Leadership Woman Football Mentoring Program was one of the most special initiatives I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Not only did I receive amazing 1-on-1 advice from an accomplished and inspiring woman in the football world to help me grow my new brand in football social enterprise, but I also had the opportunity to connect with the entire LWF team and other mentors, which has led to valuable connections ranging from having my program featured in international publications to coffee meetings to brainstorm potential collaborations.

This program is amazing, and I’d urge anyone looking to break into (or dive deeper into) the football world to apply.

Alejandra Salmerón García
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Senior Legal Counsel at Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)
Spain / Switzerland

A very formative program in which I was fortunate to have a close, empathetic and above all sincere mentor.

Itzel Luna
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
Master in Communication and Sports Journalism
Public Relations Officer of the Panamanian Institute of Sports

The guidance I needed to steer me in the right direction, thank you so much for that push I needed.

Victoria Conde
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
Former footbal player and coach
Physical education teacher
MA in Sports Ethics & Integrity, KU Leuven

A push towards leadership that has helped me understand my role as a soccer professional off the pitch

Santiago Gallo Villamizar
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
Industrial Engineer
Master in Sports Administration and Sustainability in Sports

I loved being part of LWF because I met people from the industry who contributed a lot to my experience on a personal and professional level.

I also met with mentors who inspired me to be better. LWF helps us to meet a network of people who have the same values ​​and goals that ultimately come together to achieve the goals of sustainable development and a better world through sport.

Mariana Gisela Gerosevich
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Lawyer specialized in Sports Law and Public Law
Legal Advisor Club Chacarita Juniors
Member of Macfut and Wislaw

The program has provided me with comprehensive training to enhance and promote my participation in the world of sports.

Marisa Schlenker
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Community Manager Yunus Sports Hub
Sport for Development Consultant, freelance

From our first email exchange, I recognized an opportunity to learn from a mentor who is not only an expert in football law but also who is well versed in women’s football development, policy and strategies.

She was able to combine a set of exceptional learning materials with her own practical experiences and a continuous interest in my professional development throughout the mentorship. I would highly recommend this mentorship to anyone interested in exploring various facets of leadership in football and from women and men who embody the learned qualities.

Candelaria Moirano
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Partner MWM Lawyers
Legal Advisor of the Professional Football League - AFA

The Mentoring program was a true path of discovery and personal development, which in turn helped me to project my professional future, and I got closer to an important network of very valuable people.

Débora Macedo da Silveira Manera
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
Coordinator ODRF (Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football)

For me, the LWF was born big, with an international and innovative congress that has opened space to talk about the leadership of women in football, but as important as that, is knowing that there is a place of reference willing to propose the debate and constant reflection for a sustainable social transformation that promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women through sport.

Nicholas Aitken
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
UEFA Media Officer
Founder of Onuba Communications

Working with Leadership Woman Football has been a great experience right from the beginning. My mentor Mônica and her colleagues have so much knowledge and experience, as well as a huge desire to create a real community and make the football world a more equal and diverse place.

Arianne D’Aquino
Student I edition Development Program in Sport
Program Growth Specialist at Coca-Cola Company
Sports Columnist at Olimpiada Todo dia and Long Reads Football

The program helped me to understand how much I had already made on the market and how valuable this was for future experiences.

The professionals studied my history and delved into the most relevant topics to help me in my personal and professional growth. Goals written in 4 hands and with valuable networking tips.

José Conejo
Mentee II edition Mentoring Program
Sports Psychologist
MBA in Sports Management
Costa Rica

My experience with LWF has been of great value and invaluable learning. 100% recommended for all those who want to be part of an excellent network.

Fernanda Coimbra
Mentee I edition Mentoring Program
Events Manager at Portuguese Football Federation

Participating in the LWF mentoring program was very enriching. In addition to all the exchange of professional experiences with my mentor Reyes Bellver, one of the most added things was the network built with all the other minds from the first two editions.