Course description

mentoría profesional en el deporte mentoring sport



As part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, LWF wants to participate in thetransformation of society through training and education in the football sector. .

For this reason, we created the Mentoring Program, where all professionals who want to be part of the transformation of society through sport have their place.

It is a personalized course that adapts to the needs and times of each student.

Dare to reflect with the material and sessions of our Mentors and discover the transformative power of sport and adapt it to your system and workplace, while fostering a more inclusive leadership that helps this transformation and improvement of society.

Who is it for?

Professional women and men with experience in the sports sector, who seek to be new references and leaders in the sector, who want to actively participate in a new phase of social transformation focused on equality, especially in football.



4 months

Access to the course material

6 months from the beginning of the course


Limited to 30 students.

Application requirements

Updated CV + Cover Letter


The course is structured in 4 modules + 3 individual calls with the assigned mentor + Closure.


Web + accessory documentation + video classes



Language of the material

Spanish - English

Mentors language

Spanish - English - Portuguese


Premium online with personalized calls


Email and calls


End of course certificate

Additional benefits

● Free ticket for the next annual LWF Congress (Valued at more than € 250) ● 10% discount on other LWF Academy courses


At the time of payment, you must attach your CURRICULUM VITAE and LETTER OF MOTIVATION to take the course.


400 €

Course objectives

  • Provide a different vision of the sports sector and promote its transformative power through values
  • Reflect together with the mentor and the rest of the mentees on the possibilities of sport and its values ​​to improve society and consequently, the world
  • Provide material from official institutions and international documentation on the Sustainable Development Goals, leadership skills, gender equality and diversity and learn to establish the connection with the sports area and its networking
  • Promote and make visible the capacities and merits of the mentees
  • Help create new inclusive leaders in the sports sector
  • Establish a network of mentees with objectives common to those of the Leadership Woman Football Platform and make them participate in it and its activities


  • Personalized first call
  • Theme 1: Sustainable development
  • Theme 2: Sustainability Strategies
  • Theme 3: How does sport help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Theme 4: SDG 5 – Gender equality
  • Theme 5: The transformation of society, what can we do?
  • Complementary content
  • Evaluation
  • Theme 1: Introduction
  • Theme 2: Starting point, definitions and concepts
  • Theme 3: The Journey: where we come from and where we are going
  • Theme 4: The Objective: to transform society
  • Theme 5: The Goal
  • Webinar
  • Complementary material
  • Evaluation
  • Second personalized call
  • Theme 1: Definitions and concepts
  • Theme 2: Studies and Reports on Diversity
  • Theme 3: Equality is not exclusive to women
  • Theme 4: The importance of diversity in companies
  • Theme 5: Equality and Diversity in Sports
  • Complementary material
  • Evaluation
  • Theme 1: Introduction. What is Networking?
  • Theme 2: Fundamental tips
  • Theme 3: Digital Networking
  • Theme 4: Gender Equality and Networking
  • Theme 5: Authenticity and storytelling
  • Theme 6: Networking for introverts
  • Theme 7: How do we diversify our professional network
  • Third call for FINAL EVALUATION: Elevator Pitch