As part of our mission to work with diversity to transform and promote changes through innovation, inclusion and training, LWF Academy wants to contribute with differential value to society, for that reason we do not compete with any other school, we want to create and collaborate, unite and nurture synergies.

Meet the strategic partners that share this same philosophy and that, like us, believe in the power of sports, as a transforming agent:

Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute works with institutions and companies that share its vision and values: teamwork, the desire to succeed and respect. These values, typical in sport, are reflected in the personal and professional skills, that are also essential for success in the business world.

Together with institutional, academic and client company partners, Johan Cruyff Institute creates synergies for the mutual transfer of knowledge and talent, resulting in educational projects for the benefit of the company and the sports industry in general.

In this alliance with the LWF Academy, Johan Cruyff Institute will offer our alumni a special discount on the official price of their academic programs:

  • 20% discount on the price of any Graduate or Master’s degree offered online or combined in Barcelona;
  • 10% discount on the price of any specialized or basic online course;
  • 5% discount on the price of Master in Football Business in collaboration with FC Barcelona.

Do you want to study at one of the most renowned institutions in the world of sport?
Join LWF Academy and we will bring you closer to that opportunity.


iWorkinSport connects employers and talent, as well as promotes education and career growth in Sport.

iWorkinSport was created in 2017 with the aim to organise the first truly international career fair focused in the sports industry. It enables some of the most renowned organisations to meet, interview and recruit students and alumni from the most prestigious sport management programmes in the world.

World-class sports organisations such as the IOC, FIFA, UEFA, adidas, Juventus FC, Manchester City FC, the NBA and many others have been in attendance, recruiting at the event.

In addition to the traditional Job Fair, iWorkinSport organises two online events: the Education Virtual Expo and the Virtual Job Fair.

In this partnership with the LWF Academy, iWorkinSport offers a special discount of 50% OFF the oficial price of the Virtual Job Fair ticket, to our students and alumni. Likewise, LWF Academy will be iWorkinSport partner to the promotion of gender equality and diversity in their events.

Are you interested in joining the sports industry and being an agent of change?
Join us and we will help you open these doors!

Double Pass

Double Pass is a Belgian company that assesses, advises and educates (con)federations, leagues, clubs and individuals on optimising their talent development. They make potential improvements visible on their Club & Academy Monitoring Platform (CAMP) using a unique methodology. Based on their scientific model and proprietary algorithms, experienced sports professionals help to implement tailor-made solutions supported by dashboards and digital solutions. Their track record shows significantly better run academies and an improved quality of the game.

Big news are coming soon, stay tuned for more!