Professor of Management and Leadership and author of the book "Top Leaders"

Pedro Díaz Ridao

Professor of Management and Leadership and author of the book “Top Leaders”

I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting, I studied Business and International Relations at the University of Berkeley and I am a Doctor of Sports Sciences and Social Sciences from the European University.

I have had the fortune to be part of the Real Madrid University School since its birth in 2006, and it is there where I teach Management Skills and Entrepreneurship classes and where I have been able to train many of the sports managers, entrepreneurs and executives who are leading hundreds of organizations around the world.

I really enjoy working in international contexts and I have been fortunate to live in four countries and to give conferences and workshops for companies, business schools, governments and conference organizers in 50 different countries and on five continents.

I have published three books, one alone entitled Best Leaders, with a foreword by Emilio Butragueño and which uses science and sport to help us move from intention to action (see more info in the Books section) and two on emotional intelligence in the workplace in collaboration with other authors ( Emociones Laborales e Instintos Laborales).

You can know more about me on my website Spark Blog